Top 5 Driving Experiences in the U.S.

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Your typical day probably includes driving your sedan or truck to and from work. You might take your car out to run a few errands, go shopping, or pick up your kids afterwards, but you rarely get to see the excitement that open road can provide. What if you could pick any car on any lot and take it for a spin around the track, through the mud, or on a course designed to test your driving skills? If you want to rejuvenate your love of being behind the wheel, try one of these driving experiences. They may cost a bit of money, but they’re completely worth it if you want to have some fun driving again. .

At Additech there are few things we love more than driving. We jumped at the opportunity to scour the Internet to find the best driving experiences in the U.S. that money can buy. Whether you’re looking to try off roading, driving a racecar, or driving a supercar, there’s an experience for you.

VORE – Vegas Off Road Experience

12801 U.S. 95,

South Boulder City, NV 89005

About 30 miles outside of the Las Vegas Strip in the middle of the Nevada desert there exists an insane off-roading experience that only Vegas could provide. At VORE, you can take a heavily modified Ford truck around a dirt track, over rocks, and through the beautiful Nevada Badlands. You can also take their exclusive Ford Raptor SVT Racing school to learn how to drive really big trucks really fast around a dirt track. Finally, to take your VORE experience to the next level, they offer a ton of add ons, including helicopter transportation, shooting sporting clays on a shotgun course – oh, and blowing up a car. If you like going fast, big trucks, and getting a little dirty (we certainly do!), VORE is the perfect driving adventure for you.


Land Rover Experience Driving School

Multiple Locations


While VORE took you off-roading in the desert, the Land Rover Experience Driving School gives you the opportunity to take these iconic cars through the woods to get a little mud on their tires. With a huge selection of experiences available at many locations all across the United States, there’s a good chance that this driving school is the most accessible for you. Take a short lesson with an experienced Land Rover off-road driver to hone your incline and water crossing skills, or boost your current knowledge with their advanced full-day experience filled with mud pits and steep slopes. If getting a little dirty while sitting in luxury sounds like a great day to you, the Land Rover Experience Driving School would fit your idea of fun nicely.


Simraceway Formula 3 Racing School

29359 Arnold Drive,

Sonoma, CA 95476


Perhaps off-roading isn’t your idea of a good time. We bet going fast in a state of the art Formula 3 car would get your blood pumping. Simraceway offers many packages that put you directly into the cockpit of these extraordinarily quick cars. With their advanced knowledge of getting newbies acclimated to a single seater racecar, you’ll be flying around their world-famous track in no time.

Oxotic Supercar Driving Experience

810 Brickyard Circle

Golden, CO 80403


What would a driving experience list be without a place that gives you the ability to drive the supercar of your dreams? Oxotic Supercar Driving Experience in Colorado allows you to pick which Lamborghini, Ferrari, or even Bentley that you want to take for a drive along a scenic Colorado canyon cruise. Pick from a quick (and we mean quick! these cars can fly) 15 mile test drive to a 125 mile multi-car multi-canyon driving adventure. We truly believe you’ll be hard pressed to find a better way to experience these beautiful cars than by twisting through the gorgeous scenery that Colorado provides.


Richard Petty Driving Experience

Multiple Locations


Our final driving experience is a classic. Famed NASCAR driver Richard Petty’s own NASCAR driving experience is available all across the country and is the perfect adventure for anyone, regardless of if you’re a NASCAR fan or not. Learn all of the ins and outs of the high tech, highly tuned racing machines that NASCAR cars are. You can then either decide if you’re brave enough to get behind the wheel yourself, or opt to just ride along with a professional speedmaster. Regardless of the experience you chose, your adrenaline is sure to be pumping as you screech along one of the official NASCAR circuit tracks at speeds topping out at 165MPH!


The United States is packed with exciting, out of the ordinary driving experiences for whatever you might be interested in. Whether it’s going fast, getting dirty, driving expensive cars, or a combination of all three, you’re sure to rekindle your love affair with being behind the wheel after taking one of these driving adventures.




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