7 Downtown Two Wheelers That Really Zoom

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After listening to Macklemore’s latest hit, Downtown, we found ourselves pondering all things moped, scooter, and even small motorcycle. We wondered, was there any chance that two wheels could actually be better than four? This idea seemed preposterous, but after a little bit of research, we concluded that it’s plausible!

There are many situations and many locations where the freedom and size of a small two wheeled vehicle would be preferable to a big, lunky car. Perhaps you live in Sunny SoCal where being exposed to the elements every day is a true joy. Or, if you live in a city with tons of narrow alleys, you’d be able to get to your destination more quickly and efficiently if you could zip around without worry.

If that sounds more better than being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, then take a look at our list of the best two wheeled vehicles out there so you don’t have to let the moped sales person know that you “honestly know nothin’ about mopeds.”

Vespa GTS 300 Super

The 300cc engine on this little Vespa can really go! With 33 horsepower and a top speed of 80 miles per hour, the Vespa GTS is the perfect two wheeler for those who are jetting around town or even popping onto a highway for a short stint. The classic Vespa styling of this scooter blends seamlessly with the newer technology, such as an ABS braking system and ASR traction control. And, with 70 miles per gallon, gas will be the last thing on your mind while you’re having a blast on this little scooter!

2015 Honda Grom

Looking for a pocket rocket full of fun and practicality? The 2015 Honda Grom is perfect for you. The 125cc engine gives you plenty of power on this lightweight bike, and the 134 miles per gallon gives you plenty of time to play around before needing to fill up. The compact size makes it the ideal bike to cruise around the city on and park wherever you can squeeze. This is the perfect two wheeled vehicle for anyone who wants a quick little bike that takes you from A to B with plenty of fun in between.

2015 Motoped Cruzer

Now, if you’re serious about mopeds like Macklemore, the Motoped Cruzer is the perfect bike / motorcycle hybrid for you. The immaculately designed Cruzer allows you to switch between pedal power and a 49cc motor seamlessly. The maximum speed of 24 mph is fairly low, but still perfect for zipping around downtown traffic and the fact that the Cruzer is a hybrid makes it eligible to cruise in bike lanes (in most cities) to avoid traffic jams!

2015 Genuine Stella Automatic

The beautifully classic Genuine Stella is certainly a looker. This little beauty has a 125cc engine that can take you at speeds over 60 miles per hour. The automatic transmission and smooth handling makes the Stella the perfect beginner scooter. The fact that she can get over 100 miles per gallon makes her one of the most environmentally friendly scooters out there. And, as Macklemore states, you’ll be able to have “gas in the tank and cash in the bank”, which is hard to do with a car!


With a name like BMW behind the engineering of this German beauty, you know you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck. Which is important as the C650 is one of the most expensive scooters out there! This classy two seater brings extreme comfort and power to the small scooter frame. With an adjustable windshield, a 60 horsepower engine, and a large amount of storage, this is the perfect two wheeler for anyone who plans on taking their vehicle for a long weekend away.

2015 Yamaha Majesty

Now, if you’re looking for a two seater that’s a little more reasonable price wise, the Yamaha Majesty fits the bill. The 395cc engine will get you up to highway speeds easily, and the 3.7 gallon tanks will take you approximately 185 miles before needing to fill up. More than enough distance to get you away for a long weekend romantically sight seeing with your partner on the back of this adorable, and comfortable, scooter.

MEIJS Motorman

Now, if you’ve gone down this whole list and have been asking “what about electric?”, well, we’ve got the answer right here! The MEIJS Motorman, while currently only available in Europe, is the coolest little electric “moped” out right now. “Moped” is in quotes because while it legally fits the definition of a moped, there are no pedals. This is solved by the lightweight 2 kw electric engine that will take you 43 miles at a top speed of 28 miles per hour before needing to be recharged. The Motorman is the ideal two wheeler if you’re looking for a faster, more efficient way to get to work in rush hour traffic (and if you can recharge at the office).

Now, have we convinced you that Macklemore may be onto something about mopeds? Which of these 7 unique two wheeled vehicles would you pick?

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