Why is my Car Vibrating?

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Car problems. They happen to the best of us if you’ve owned a car long enough. It’s like our vehicle’s twisted way of telling us, “Thank you for giving me so much love.” Although we’d love to receive the TLC in another form other than auto trouble, it’s a hand we’ve all been dealt at one point or another.  One of the most common auto problems that will appear during the life long love affair with our vehicles is vibration. Slowly but surely, a shake here and a jiggle there will creep up and test our personal annoyance odometers.  

Luckily, we’ve come up with a helpful guide to assist drivers in identifying the top reasons why your car vibrates:

1. Tire Balancing.

Speed sensitive vibrations are usually caused by unbalanced tires. Tom Moor, a writer for Angie’s List, goes even further and seeks out a popular mechanic in San Antonio to solidify this statement. He estimates that about 80% of his customers who complain about vibrations have tire issues. He also mentions this specific vibration occurs between 20-40 miles per hour and then again between 60 and up.

This reasoning makes sense. Cars are not invincible, and when they hit potholes, curbs, and bridge expansion joints, they gradually take a beating. For this very reason, we recommend rotating and balancing your tires every six months or 5,000-7,000 miles.

2. Warped Brake Rotor.

If the vibration occurs only when you put on the brakes, then you most likely have a warped brake rotor. Rotors are the round discs that sit inside the wheel of your vehicle. The brakes clamp the rotors in order to bring your vehicle to a stop. Rotors are supposed to be flat and smooth, but overtime they can wear out from all the friction. If you have a shaky brake pedal and/or steering wheel, the next best step is to visit your go-to mechanic to check if you need your rotors replaced.

3. Misfiring Engines.

Sometimes a vibration will originate from the engine compartment because the engine isn’t getting enough spark to run smoothly. If this is the case, a new set of spark plugs may be in store. This problem will normally cause your engine light to come on, so be aware of this indicator.

Have you experienced any of these car vibration causes? As annoying as they can be, remember it’s the only, twisted way your car knows how to show it’s appreciation of your long standing relationship!


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