Survive Winter Driving With These Maintenance Tips

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If you live in an area with a cold winter climate, it can really do a number on your car. Snow and ice can make your daily commute not just chilly, but potentially dangerous. For your car’s health, and your safety, here are some winter car maintenance pointers.

Have your ice-scraper handy

When snow starts falling, one of the most important tools for your car is one of the cheapest: your ice-scraper. Winter road conditions can be slippery, which can impact braking distances. You need maximum visibility to avoid hazards, so you should always have an ice-scraper with you.

Make sure your wipers are ready

During wintertime, precipitation comes in all forms: snow, slush, sleet, “wintry mix”. Your wipers need to tackle it all. If your windshield wipers are worn out, it can leave water on your windshield, affecting visibility. If your wipers aren’t cutting it, take ten minutes and swap them out with new ones.

Is your battery up to the task?

When the mercury drops, so does your battery performance. Your battery produces considerably less cranking power when it’s freezing outside, and if your battery quits, you can’t start your car. Either check your battery yourself, consulting your owner’s manual, or take it into a shop that can do the job quickly. If your battery is old, worn out, and won’t hold a charge, it’s time to buy a new one.

Tire time

You may have a good set of all-seasons, but if the weather gets brutal in your neck of the woods, consider snow tires. Snow tires can improve traction and can reduce slippage. Plus, some retailers offer packages for a new set of tires with their own dedicated steel wheels, which can prolong the life of winter tires.

Keep your fuel system flowing with HEET®

Winter temperatures can freeze water in your fuel line, preventing your car from starting. HEET Powered by Additech is an antifreeze additive that absorbs five times as much water as regular antifreeze, preventing rust, corrosion, and frozen fuel lines, and it’s available right at the pump. HEET is the best-selling, most-reliable antifreeze fuel additive in America. Next time you’re at the gas station this winter, put on your hat, scarf, and gloves, and pump some HEET into your gas tank.

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