Defining an Automotive Enthusiast

The automotive industry has had a huge impact on this country since the 1800’s. Here we are more than 200 years later and it is estimated that more than 1 million people throughout the United States own a car.

So does owning a vehicle make each of us an automotive enthusiast? While many of us love the fact that our cars give us the freedom to go anywhere or take almost any adventure that we wish, not everyone will spend every hard-earned dollar on their dream vehicle or even lose sleep just to keep this dream purring like a kitten.

Who is an Automotive Enthusiast?

Are you one of those men and women who have grown up under the hood of their father’s 1957 Chevy and have made it their life’s work to restore this family memento, despite the time or cost that it would take?

How about someone who spends every free moment that they have at auto auctions trying to find the newest member of their family? Are you one of those guys who comes home from a 40-hour work week just to spend the next 40 hours restoring that old Chevrolet Camaro that you picked up for a steal at a local junk yard?

Maybe you are one of those die-hard gear heads who is still spending every last dime that you have just to turn your old Volkswagen Beetle into a drag racing phenome.

You are the automotive heroes who keep each of us as passionate and fascinated about cars as this country continues to be today.

What Sets These Heroes Apart?

These heroes show us the why and how we all hold a certain place in our hearts for our own hunks of plastic, fiber glass and metal. Think about it, have you ever given a vehicle a personal name? Have you ever spent hours watching that guy up the street working on an old car and wondering how he learned how to do this? Will you be watching some of the larger motorsports events this year like the Daytona 500 and Indianapolis 500 or even spending time at your local home track?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have at least a vague idea of what makes these automotive enthusiasts great American heroes. They prove that having a talent and passion for something can make all the positive difference in the world.

Additech Fuels Your Passion

We at Additech salute each of these true automotive enthusiasts and remind you that although each part on those dream cars that you are building or restoring is essential in bringing it to life there is still the most essential part – the engine. In order to keep the engine of each of automotive enthusiasts dream ride running smoother and improving the overall fuel mileage, we brought to life our Additech Super Mileage Booster. This fuel additive is here to support your passion running by restoring lost fuel economy while keeping those beastly engines running cleaner with fewer needed repairs.

So, keep those gears turning and we will be there to help you keep the American automotive dream alive for years to come.

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