Extend the love affair with your car

Its more than just a car. Its the safety you trust with your family. Its the adventure you have with friends. Its the open road. Its the music, the laughter, the love you have shared over the years. Its a part of your life and who you are.

Its why you choose Additech.

The Science 

  • We start with a Mannich detergent that has over 30 years of field proven performance and has been refined and patented for modern engine technologies. This effectively controls engine deposit formation in intake valves, port fuel injectors and combustion chambers.
  • We combine a Polyetheramine (PEA) detergent. This family of chemistry is designed to operate under the extreme temperatures found in combustion chambers. It is known for its ability to control or reduce Combustion Chamber Deposits (CCD) while cleaning or keeping fuel injectors and intake valves clean. The control or reduction of CCD is important to minimize Octane Requirement Increase (ORI), thereby minimizing or eliminating the tendency of an engine to knock.
  • Additech’s fuel additives also contain a patented Friction Modifier (FM) that reduces the frictional losses in the engine. Through the continual addition of fuel into the combustion chamber, the fuel born FM reduces the friction coefficient in the ring land area between the piston and cylinder wall. Moreover, as the FM is scraped down the cylinder wall into the crankcase, it helps supplement the FM in the engine oil that is continually being depleted thereby helping to provide fuel economy benefits.
  • Additech’s Mileage Booster Xtreme offers de-icer and detergents that ensure your vehicle will start even in the coldest conditions.