4 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

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Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your home, but your car too. It’s the perfect time of year to “thank” your vehicle for making it through the salt, cold weather, and potholes that are inevitable during winter.

Here’s a spring cleaning checklist to make sure your car is looking and feeling just as great as weather:

  1. Lighten the load

If you’ve filled your trunk with winter gear and other random accessories now is the time to clear it out. The extra boots, shovels, and salt bags were necessary in the winter, but you won’t need them in the warmer months. Lightening the load during the season where road trips are a right of passage will also save a number on your fuel tank. Make sure you also declutter other nooks and crannies in your vehicle where coffee cups, water bottles, and random household items may be hibernating.

  1. Wash and wax the exterior

Don’t let the first spring rainfall be your car’s first wash of the season. Sure, you could go to a car wash to get your vehicle cleaned in a jiffy, but there is something special about cleaning it yourself on the first beautiful day of spring. That’ll also save you ten more dollars to get an ice cream after the hard work and elbow grease is complete! Don’t forget to go the extra mile and wax after you wash. This step is important to seal the paint, keep your car shiny, and eliminate airborne contaminants.

  1. Refresh the interior

When working on the inside of your car, focus first on the interior carpeting and the upholstery. Vacuum the carpets, under the seats, the trunk, and any other compartment that needs some extra TLC. Grab all the dirt, rock, and salt debris that has accumulated over the past few months. Secondly, dust, wash, and dry the dashboard and console carefully. And, while you’re at it, why not wipe down the cup holders for any sticky residue that might have accumulated over the winter!

  1. Check tires

Colder weather can reduce tire pressure, so it’s important to make sure your tires are properly inflated and balanced for the season. Your local mechanic may suggest a wheel alignment or tire rotation as part of your spring maintenance, which is always a good idea. If you had winter tires for the cold months, be sure to remove them so they can be preserved for next winter.

It’s time to take the time to give your 4-wheeled companion the love and care it deserves this spring. Not only will your car look and feel better, but you’ll also be able to welcome the warmer driving season with peace of mind and a clean car.


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