Keep Your Car Running at Peak Performance with These Preventative Maintenance Tips

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Your car is an indispensable part of your life. It takes you where you need to go. Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how valuable your car is until something goes wrong. To keep your car out of the shop, and on the road where it belongs, here’s a short rundown of essential preventative maintenance tips. They’ll keep your car healthy, and save you money on costly major repairs.

Use Your Owner’s Manual to Keep a Maintenance List

Your owner’s manual is the key to understanding your car. Instead of letting it gather dust in your glove box, use it to keep tabs on when your car’s manufacturer suggests certain components should be replaced.

Keep an Eye on Your Oil

Whether you take your car into quick-change shops or get out a socket wrench and do it yourself, one of the most common preventative maintenance tasks you’ll perform is checking your oil. Keep some paper napkins in your glove box so that you can periodically check your oil level and color when you’re out running errands. When you exceed your manual’s recommended mileage between changes, it’s time for a change.


Your brakes are the most important safety feature of your car. But to remain in top working order, your brake pads need to be swapped out when they become old, dirty, and corroded. If you notice grinding or high-pitched squeaking noises coming from your brakes when you apply them, it’s time for new pads. Changing your pads not only keeps you safe, it also prevents damage to your rotors, a costly repair.


From antifreeze, to coolant, steering fluid, and windshield wiper fluid, your car needs a laundry list of liquids to run. Make a habit of checking these fluids. Many will be in tanks easily visible under your hood. Have some extra fluids on-hand to top off with when you’re low.

Use Additech Diesel Guard™

If you own a diesel engine, you know you need to go the extra mile to keep your engine running efficiently and producing optimal fuel mileage. That’s where Diesel Guard by Additech comes in. Diesel Guard has been formulated to deep-clean your diesel engine, minimize friction and reduce corrosion. Using Diesel Guard as part of a regular fuel system maintenance program can extend the life of your engine. You can find Diesel Guard at the following locations:

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