Additech is a technology enabled service company with proprietary platforms that dispense premium fuel additives as you fuel your car or truck. Whether for diesel or gasoline engines, you are assured of getting world-class additives with the ease and convenience of blending directly into your fuel – right at the pump!

For fourteen years Additech has been helping the American driver – Drive Better, Farther, Longer!


Additech, Inc., based in Houston, Texas was founded by an entrepreneur with a vision to be the only company in the world to provide retailers operating fuel centers an automated, turn-key system that helps their customers clean and maintain their vehicle fuel systems. This vision came to fruition as Additech became the sole technology leader with an exclusive, proprietary capability to blend a fuel additive with gasoline and diesel fuel directly at the pump.

With a foundation of over 3,000 pumps in the United States and 4 million plus annual transactions, Additech is rapidly expanding across the United States, as well as internationally.


Daily driving puts wear and tear on your vehicle. Additech is the most convenient and inexpensive way to maintain your car.

Deposits build up over time and can even damage parts of your fuel system. Additech dispensers blend highly concentrated eco-friendly fuel system cleaners into your fuel at the pump. Additech’s guaranteed products remove built up carbon on vital engine parts and protect them from ethanol corrosion.

Currently, most gasoline and diesel fuels use the most basic additive packages, resulting in fuel that can cause buildup of deposits on fuel injectors and intake valves. Others can build up deposits in combustion chambers and may lead to intake valve sticking. These lower grades of additives are known to have a negative impact on engine performance and vehicle responsiveness.

Additech is twice as concentrated as bottle products with double as much product for the price. It exceeds TOP TIER™ detergency levels with triple detergency. Plus… Additech includes friction modifiers and corrosion inhibitors to boost overall driving performance and prevent engine damage.

Keeping to a fuel system maintenance program using Additech products improves a vehicle’s overall performance and extends engine life.

Keep your engine running better, farther, longer with Additech!

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