DIESEL GUARD delivers a cleaner, better running diesel engine, for top performance and maximized fuel mileage – guaranteed!


  • Deep cleans diesel engines
  • Adds miles to engine life
  • Minimizes friction
  • Maximizes mileage
  • Removes corrosion
  • Improves performance and cold starts with cetane boost

Diesel engines are a special breed, and they require special care to maximize fuel economy and overall performance. DIESEL GUARD fuel additive is specially formulated to ensure you get the most from your diesel car or truck, in performance and engine life.

Designed for both older diesel engines needing a boost, as well as for the demands of today’s more sophisticated, electronically controlled diesel engines, DIESEL GUARD deep cleans your engine and protects it as you drive.

You paid more for a diesel engine – DIESEL GUARD will protect your investment and keep you out of the repair shop.

Keeping a regularly scheduled fuel system maintenance program with DIESEL GUARD will clean and protect your diesel engine, saving you money on fuel and costly repairs. You can first deep clean your diesel engine and then keep it clean with monthly or weekly treatment levels, whatever works best for your schedule and your vehicle.

And only DIESEL GUARD is available right at the fuel pump. Diesel maintenance made easy!

Keep your engine running better, farther, longer with Additech!

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