Additech delivers a cleaner, better running engine, for top performance and maximized gas mileage – guaranteed!

Additech Fuel System Cleaner –

  • Restores lost gas mileage
  • Restores power and performance
  • Protects against costly repairs
  • Restores renewed life to your car or truck

All gasolines have basic additive packages in their formula, but is basic good enough? Not really. To get the most from your car or truck over its lifetime, you’ll need more. Basic gasoline additives won’t prevent build-up of deposits on fuel injectors and intake valves. Basic won’t restore lost gas mileage. It won’t help avoid costly repairs. And basic won’t extend the life of your car or truck. Additech will!

Additech fuel system cleaner has a unique triple detergent technology that deep cleans your engine to remove harmful sludge and corrosive deposits from intake valves and fuel injectors. Additech also lubricates to enhance the friction fighting properties of your motor oil and provide added protection against corrosion caused by ethanol. Performance, protection, better mileage and longer running engines, that’s Additech.

And only Additech is available right at the pump. Vehicle maintenance made easy!

Keeping a regularly scheduled fuel system maintenance program with Additech will clean and protect your engine, saving you money on fuel and costly repairs. You can first deep clean your engine and then keep it clean with monthly or weekly treatment levels, whatever works best for your schedule and your vehicle.

Keep your engine running better, farther, longer with Additech!

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