Daily driving puts wear and tear on your vehicle’s engine. Deposits build up over time and can damage critical engine parts. Additech has an exclusive, patented technology that makes avoiding these problems as easy as pumping gas.

Additech dispensers add our advanced formula fuel system cleaners to gasoline and diesel fuels, right at the pump. No muss, no fuss!

Our products are guaranteed to deep clean your engine, removing sludge and built-up carbon deposits from vital engine parts. Additech maximizes gas mileage, plus lubricates and protects your engine from ethanol corrosion, boosting performance and helping avoid costly repairs. We add miles of life to your car or truck.

Keeping a regularly scheduled fuel system maintenance program with Additech products will restore and protect your engine, saving you money on fuel and repair costs. You can first deep clean your engine and then keep it clean with monthly or weekly treatment levels, whatever works best for your schedule and your vehicle.

Try Additech Fuel System Cleaner for gasoline engines or Additech DIESEL GUARD™ for diesel engines.

Additech also provides REAL-TIME ADDITIZATION™ for TOP TIER™ Detergent Gasolines.

Keep your engine running better, farther, longer with Additech!

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