All Additech products are sold directly at the pump.

Additech combines state-of-the-art fuel additives with the perfect blending ratios of gasoline at the pump to provide your car with the performance, reliability and gas mileage you deserve.

Additech cleans your engine, increases fuel efficiency and reduces the need for repairs. We ensure your car will run in exceptional condition.


Additech is scientifically proven to improve fuel economy. Created by the world’s top scientists and backed by our guarantee.


Additech Fuel System Service additive keeps your engine clean and reduces repairs. This means cars last longer and have fewer problems.


Our products will enhance the performance of your vehicle, giving you more power and a smoother ride.


Over 20,000,000 Additech users and growing. We are saving gas, helping the environment and lowering repair costs on a massive scale.

Fan Chatter

  • “I have been a mechanic almost all my life. One of my dreams was for my daughter to have a college education. Last year she started her first year of college 3 hours from home. I trust Additech to keep her car running safely when I am not around.”

    Anthony, Houston, Texas Mechanic
  • “At first I was skeptical, but after I used Additech, my car got 60-90 more miles per tank. Now I use it all the time.”

    Angie, Dallas, Texas
  • "I bought a 2008 Jeep Liberty in January 2015 with 42,000 miles on it. I travel 2 to 4 thousand miles a month. I have only been getting 14 to 20 mpg. I finally added Additech cleaner and I no longer have rough idle and I'm at 17.3 to 26.2 mpg. What a total change. Thank you"

    Melissa, Belton State, Texas
  • “I love my Additech, it makes my car run better and I buy less gas. I was impressed."

    Mark, Orlando, Florida