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Keep your engine running better, farther, longer!

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Diesel Guard is Added To Your Fuel Right at the Pump

Keep your engine running better, farther, longer with Diesel Guard

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Boost gas mileage with a cleaner fuel system

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Additech is Added To Your Gasoline Right at the Pump

Keep your engine running better, farther, longer with Additech

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Celebrating Technology and Innovation

Over 20,000,000 People Have Used Additech Fuel Additives To Increase Gas Mileage & Performance

All Additech products are sold directly at the pump.

Additech combines state-of-the-art fuel additives with the perfect blending ratios of gasoline at the pump to provide your car with the performance, reliability and gas mileage you deserve.

Additech cleans your engine, increases fuel efficiency and reduces the need for repairs. We ensure your car will run in exceptional condition.


Additech is scientifically proven to improve fuel economy. Created by the world’s top scientists and backed by our guarantee.


Additech Fuel System Service additive keeps your engine clean and reduces repairs. This means cars last longer and have fewer problems.


Our products will enhance the performance of your vehicle, giving you more power and a smoother ride.


Over 20,000,000 Additech users and growing. We are saving gas, helping the environment and lowering repair costs on a massive scale.

Fan Chatter

  • “I have a 2008 Chevy and it sat untouched for a year and a half. It was a typical old car that did not respond when I pushed the gas. I tried Additech at HEB and it was excellent. Additech really brought my car to life! Now when I step on the gas it feels like a race car and it jumps into action. I feel like the cars potential was unlocked. What I like about Additech is that it is at the pump and anyone can use it. Now I use Additech once a month and it makes a major difference. I refer Additech to all my insurance clients.”

    Donte, Houston, Texas
  • “I love my Additech, it makes my car run better and I buy less gas. I was impressed."

    Mark, Orlando, Florida
  • "I bought a 2008 Jeep Liberty in January 2015 with 42,000 miles on it. I travel 2 to 4 thousand miles a month. I have only been getting 14 to 20 mpg. I finally added Additech cleaner and I no longer have rough idle and I'm at 17.3 to 26.2 mpg. What a total change. Thank you"

    Melissa, Belton State, Texas
  • “Additech gives me better gas mileage and makes my car perform better!”

    Paul, Olive Branch, Missouri
  • “I used Additech once or twice, and I definitely noticed a difference when I did. Thank you."

    Britney, Crowley, LA
  • “I have used Additech at Kroger every other visit for the past 3 to 4 years. It gives me better gas mileage and I can tell my car runs better! It’s the first time I ever won anything.”

    Suzanne, Macon, Georgia
  • “Mileage Booster is working to increase my gas mileage. I bought it at my Walmart gas station. I noticed better car performance soon after that. I've been using the Mileage Booster about once a month since then.”

    Victoria, Lithonia, Georgia
  • “I'm a believer now. I have a family of all girls (except me), and now that each drives, I've shown them how to use Additech. It's easy to use and easy to find - we buy at Murphy USA gas stations. I didn't think so at first, but I see the mileage improvement in all our various cars - old and new.”

    Alex, Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • “There were knocks in my engine. The mechanic was going to charge me $55 for a fuel cleaning. I used Additech twice in a row and now there are no more knocking sounds!”

    Aida, Fort Meyers, Florida
  • “I bought a car that is supposed to only get 28 MPG max and when I use Additech I get between 30 & 35! I'm a believer!”

    Adrian, Willacoochee, Georgia
  • “I have been using this product for about 6 months now and all of my vehicles run better. Thank you for helping me save a few bucks and keeping the maintenance on my vehicles low.”

    Rolton, Little Rock, Arkansas
  • “I am a daily driver back and forth from Galveston to Houston. When I fill up on Sunday, I noticed that my mileage increases and I don’t have to fill up till Thursday. I also noticed a change in the way the engine runs when I use Additech. It runs a little smoother and not as rough as normal.”

    Mary, Galveston, Texas
  • “We are very pleased using Additech in our vehicles, and yes, it does improve gas mileage.”

    Rondal, Altus, Oklahoma
  • “One of my friends told me about it. I use Additech every now and then. The gas mileage is a good bit better when I use it. My husband is actually deployed right now. He will be excited when I tell him. Thank you!"

    Elizabeth, Warner Robbins, Georgia
  • "Additech works very well. My wife and I both use it in two cars every other tank of gas. We're believers. You guys and gals know how to run a business!"

    Doc, Wharten, Texas
  •  “Thanks for making something that actually does save a person money these days. Additech increases the gas mileage of my car and that makes my gas money stretch.”

    Marco, San Antonio, Texas
  • “Additech cleans out my fuel injectors and gives me better gas mileage!”

    Jeffrie, Stockbrige, Georgia
  • “At first I was skeptical, but after I used Additech, my car got 60-90 more miles per tank. Now I use it all the time.”

    Angie, Dallas, Texas
  • “I met with the Kroger manager in Dalton this morning and received my gift cards. I admit, I was very skeptical at first to hear that I had won free gas from a contest, but I appreciate the professionalism and kindness. I was waiting for "the catch" that never came. Additech is obviously a well-run company with quality people in charge that offers a quality product with a convenient delivery system. Thanks again, and best wishes for you in your future endeavors."

    Ben, Dalton, Georgia
  • “I had been wanting to try the Additech product for some time, but kept putting it off! I finally tried it and my car has been running a lot better and gas mileage has been better. I commute 40 miles every day to and from work and I have seen a difference in my gas mileage. These cold Colorado winter mornings are not always easy on your car, but my car fires right up and sounds like it is running a lot better since using Additech! Thanks!”

    Michele, Fort Collins, Colorado
  • “I have a larger suburban and you know it uses a lot of gas. And I started using Additech in it and it gives me better gas mileage! I would like to thank Murphy Oil and Additech once again. I am a loyal customer for life.”

    Miriam, Batesville, Missouri
  • “We try to use Additech at least once or twice when we fill up a month. Yeah, it really does make the gas last a lot longer. Because I used to take trips. And I started using it then, and I noticed how much I was saving on gas. I’d say at least a quarter of a tank. So it does work!”

    Crystal, Palacios, Texas
  • “Since I started using Additech, my gas mileage improved. My Chevy Truck usually got 16 MPG, now I’m pushing 22 MPG! On my fiancé’s car, her gas mileage went from 32 MPG to 39 MPG. I can tell the way my car breaths, the fuel injectors are better and the added power because my engine is cleaner. It’s amazing!”

    Sean, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • “I am pleased to report increased fuel mileage in my 2007 Ford F-150 when using Additech at the pump. I have always been skeptical of fuel additives. Additech has changed that completely! As I tracked my miles per gallon, I saw an increase from 15.79 mpg to 18.96 per gallon. That's an increase of over 3 miles per gallon! This has added over 75 miles per tank. Simply amazing! Thanks for a great product. I am a customer for life!”

    Chuck, Italy, Texas
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